Support me on Patreon

patreonWriting this last year has been a challenge while I adjusted to new health issues. But as I come through to the other side I feel a new surge of creative energy flowing through me and I’m excited to complete all the projects that had to be put on hold while my body and mind were being insufferably annoying.

This is where I could use your help, though. I need your support! Self-publishing means I don’t get paid to write. Being disabled means I don’t get paid much of anything, period.

It’s more than financial support I’m looking for — pledging me and becoming a patron, even in a small token amount, let’s me know that I have supporters. I cannot overstate how important that is to the creative process.

If you’ll take a few minutes to go to my Patreon page, read my spiel and consider pledging, I will be the most appreciative of artists. (Click here for more info on Patreon and how it works.)

Can I write without this type of support? Probably. But I can write more (and better and more confidently) knowing I have backers and fans who want to see my efforts shared with the world.

Thank you!