Book Giveaways!

***UPDATE*** The contest has ended and Goodreads has selected the winners. The winner of Compote Is My Jam is Sharon in Kentucky, and the winner of I’Mmoral is Shelby in Louisiana. The books will be sent out to the winners in the next week or so. ****

I’m giving away one copy of each of my latest books through Goodreads!

Here’s how it works: You must have a Goodreads account to enter (a complete list of rules and regulations is listed at You also need to be at least 18 years old and a resident of Canada or the U.S. Both contests (one for each book) run from today, November 3, 2015 to November 27, 2015. Goodreads will randomly select a winner in each contest (they pick, not me), and inform me of their addresses to send the respective winning book. Winners are encouraged (but not required) to complete a review (positive or negative!) on Goodreads for the book they have received — any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please note that I am prohibited from further contacting the winners for solicitation or any other purpose.

Here is what you can win:

Compote Is My Jam Cover 6 x 9

Compote Is My Jam: Volume 1 (Motown Mix)

(colour paperback, 6″ x 9″, MSRP $24.99 CAD, 56 pgs)

Compote is like jam, only without the work. Making compote is like being a cook, without the cooking. Compote Is My Jam is like a cookbook, if it was penned by someone with few skills and even less common sense. You will learn a lot from these recipes, but possibly mostly about what not to do. Join R.K. as she attempts to one-up her friends who jar and can produce, with as little effort as is humanly possible. The perfect how-to for lazy cooks who are also looking for a little musical inspiration to accompany their kitchen adventures. Get ready to slow it down with Motown. May your fruit be warm and squishy.

Click here to enter


I'MMoral imageI’Mmoral: Poems for Unrepentant Sinners and Free Thinkers

(paperback, 4 1/4″ x 6 3/4″, MSRP $14.99 CAD, 152 pgs)

What would the war cry of a mostly introverted, mentally ill, autistic, genderqueer, physically disabled, feminist, atheist, polyamorous woman sound like? A lot like this. Using a combination of essay and free-form poetry, R.K. confronts the status quo and dissects it, inspecting its parts and discarding the bad bits. In spite of tackling some obviously serious and controversial topics, such as abortion and the anti-vaccination movement, she approaches her subjects with humour and then slaughters them with equal parts derision and kindness.

Click here to enter



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