Performance Credits

My disabilities and health have kept me from acting in the last few years, but as I adjust to my new normal, I definitely hope to get back to it soon. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying my new musical family, Tone Cluster.

2014-present: Tone Cluster: quite a queer choir (1st Soprano)

toneclusterlogo   Tone Cluster drumming

2013, December: “Yo, Vikings!” – Kanata Theatre (Props Mistress)

yo vikings

2013, Sept/Oct: “Private Lives” by Noel Coward – Plosive Productions (Dresser, Set Painter)


2013, August: “The Chronicler” – Screaming Artists Collective (Mme. LaPâtissier)


2013, March: “Love’s Labours Lost” by W. Shakespeare – Sock ‘n’ Buskin (Princess of France)

Love's Labour's Lost  LLLCharlatan LLLPlayWithinPlay lllgreeting

2012, December: “A Christmas Carol: The Musical” by C. Dickens – GNAG Theatre (Belle/Laundress)

Christmas_Carol_GNAG Reenasing ReenaHarmChristmasCarol

2012, June: “Crux: The Musical” – Hightide Theatre/Ottawa Fringe Festival (Sergeant)

crux  ReenaFringeTent

2012, April: “King Lear” by W. Shakespeare – GNAG Theatre (Regan)

Lear program ReenaReganLatte Reganeyegouge

To see a sample of me in action, check out this video of myself and my scene partner performing mini-flashmob scenes in local coffee shops on YouTube.

2011, April: “GleeBE: The Musical” – GNAG Theatre (Valeria Grotnik)

Gleebe Poster Gleebe Flashmob Reena


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