Birthday Book-apalooza

It’s my birthday!  And it’s Good Friday!  So I’m taking the day off with my dudes to head to Montreal to be tourists.  But I’ve decided to invite you to share in my celebration by gifting you with something you didn’t even know you wanted:  Free books!

From today until I go to bed on Monday night* you can download either of my e-books at the links below.  (After that, you’ll just have to go back to buying them at their regular cheapo prices!)

Cracked cover

Cracked: A Novella


I Am Not These Things cover

I Am Not These Things  (poetry collection)


*That’s April 18th, 2014 through April 21st – time TBD by when I feel like it.  10pm-ish or so.  She who gives the freebies makes the rules.